Boombox Cartel Hop in a “NEW WIP” with MadeinTYO

Listening to new tunes when hitting the road is the best feeling. When the windows are down and your stereo booms with a playlist or album of your own selection, a mundane drive can become an instant mini-concert. Fortunately, Boombox Cartel have teamed up with MadeinTYO for a song that captures the appreciation of getting a new car and riding it with pride in “NEW WIP.” The latest single from Mad Decent, “NEW WIP” is trap excellence that boasts in a big way. Lurking horns and MadeinTYO’s flex greet listeners with the kind of packed 808 beats Boombox Cartel have enticed bass heads with. MadeinTYO raps about a luxurious lifestyle of classic Ferraris and exquisite seafood including a silly simile about losing weight like Kelly Price. But the production gives the Atlanta native enough space to air his unbridled flair and head-nodding flow as hype for the upcoming drop.

Adding sprinkles of dubstep, the drops in “NEW WIP” are heavy without losing focus of the rhythm. The chorus takes a cut from MadeinTYO’s earlier verse to build the drop back up again in a fitting way; it truly showcases how well-oiled this collaboration is. In a lot of ways, this song reminds of Cartel’s collaboration with dancehall micman Taranchyla “Dem Fraid” where the featured vocalist serves as the hype to the production’s impending drops. In short, “NEW WIP” shows that Boombox Cartel can work wonders with any vocalist that come their way. Check out “NEW WIP” from Boombox Cartel and MadeinTYO out now on digital retailers and streaming websites.

Photo by Olivia Van Rye