Bookaway review – A brief insight into the travel booking brand

Buying a flight ticket to travel from one country to the other, even if on opposite sides of the world, can turn out to be an easier task compared to making ground transportation bookings between nearby local cities. This is where a portal like Bookaway comes into the picture. They are essentially a travel search engine that comes to the rescue of travellers trying to reach from point A to point B on the ground, but are faced with multiple blind spots along the way!

Making ground transportation clearer

Simply put, Bookaway aims at being the most preferred search engine for people interested in car, train, ferry or bus travel. It has also been featured as one of the most-preferred apps and services to help you get around, on The New York Times. All the places that it works in, Bookaway is fairly straightforward in its approach. For instance, if you’re trying to find a transportation medium between Hvar and Split in Croatia, the platform will provide you with multiple high-speed ferry options. The prices listed on Bookaway are highly competitive if you compare them with alternative services or other independent options. Some of the routes might have fewer number of choice filters, for instance, air conditioning, something that is normally ignored in majority of flight search engines.

However, it’s important to note that Bookaway performs best in specific regions right now, most notably in the Adriatic coasts, Mediterranean region and Southeast Asia. While many people are hopeful that Bookaway will add more number of destinations in the future, as it expands its services, as of now, trying to book ground transportation in areas other than the above mentioned are normally hit or miss cases.

Pretty effective and efficient search engine

The search function available on Bookaway is pretty effective as it offers you multiple suggestions that can save you a lot of time. In other words, you get clarity what all is available and unavailable along with the served destinations. In cases where you don’t want to get too creative and would like to keep your route more local, for instance, Koh Samui to Bangkok, you’ll be presented with multiple ways in which you can reach your destination.

A boon for travellers with a car in tow

One big area where Bookaway can be termed as excellent is car transportation. Specifically in cases where you’re travelling with your own or a rented car, the ferry options returned by Bookaway give you a fair idea about the trains and boats that have car compartments in them. Although it’s a niche offering, it’s a fairly large one, specifically in case of road trips taken in Southeast Asia and Southern Europe. Bookaway aspires to be your ultimate one-stop search engine for all travel options other than the sky. More specifically, if you have four wheels going along with you, the platform can help bridge multiple gaps between different destinations. It can be a huge time saver in all such cases. Furthermore, Bookaway ensures that you get precise information as it does everything possible within its means to stay up-to-date.