BOOGIE T.RIO – Remedies EP

New Orleans producer Boogie T has been making waves across his hometown and the music scene over the last few years -now he’s back with his latest EP Remedies through his collective BOOGIE T.RIO. The Remedies EP offers a journey through funk, soul, blues and bass music, kicking off with the shimmering, plaintive ‘Nobody Else.’ The EP is made up of four tracks, also including ‘Dear Weed Man,’ ‘Disco Moses’ and ‘Free’. The BOOGIE T.RIO sound is so different from anything Boogie T normally does, proving he’s not just a master of bass, but whatever genre he feels like exploring.

The band shares: “We’re hoping that the ‘Remedies’ EP has something for everyone. Whether you need to relax, get over a heartbreak, get inspired, or just have a good time, we want the music to help bring you wherever you need to go. As a new band, it can be tough to find ‘your sound’ but we’re really excited about the direction BOOGIE T.RIO is heading.”

If you’re looking for a release to keep you distracted in the current climate then look no further! You can take a listen to Remedies below.