Bonobo & Skrillex Go B2B In Rare Form At Printworks


Skrillex surprised everyone when he showed up at Printworks London to go b2b with Bonobo during the highly anticipated Hydra presents Outlier event.


As a special and unexpected addition to the lineup, Bonobo b2b Skrillex made for one of the night’s most spectacular moments. The unannounced set was described as a “titanic meeting” between the two and one of Hydra’s “most unique” showcases to date. Below, you’ll find two short glimpses into their epic performance, just enough to get a feel for the vibe.

It doesn’t get much better than two of electronic music’s finest going b2b in rare form. Although, Bonobo and Skrillex have joined together on other occasions including sets for Boiler Room and FORM Arcosanti.

Watch below.

Bonobo b2b Skrillex

A titanic meeting of two of electronic music’s most decisive and individual entities, a surprise back to back from @si_bonobo and @Skrillex was one of the most unique happenings the Press Halls has ever seen.

— Printworks London (@Printworks_LDN) October 14, 2019

Perhaps one of the most unique Hydra showcases to date. An unprecedented level of music selection was on show throughout the evening capped by a back to back of gigantic proportions from @si_bonobo and @Skrillex.

— The Hydra (@TheHydraLdn) October 16, 2019

Photo via via youredm

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