BONNIE X CLYDE drop poppy music video for new single “The Good Life”

With millions of plays on streaming platforms under their name and performing in front of thousands of fans around the world, Daniel and Paige, known asBONNIE X CLYDE, are moving past the rising artist phase as they become a major player in the electronic dance scene. They just played at Ultra Music Festival Miami this year and they have some more big ones coming up such as Sunset Music Festival and EDC Las Vegas. The two have been working a lot having released more than two EP’s worth of music since 2015 and maintaining a innovative brand that is fun to watch.

The radio pop single “The Good Life” marked their Ultra Records debut and released on March 1st. Paige sings a mesmerizing vocal that has an instantly addictive effect. For BONNIE X CLYDE, this is the next extension of their story, opening up an even more mainstream dimension for where their music is headed. The official video for “The Good Life” nails both a personified and artistic element. Be sure to check out the new video on Ultra Music’s youtube channel here!