Bonnie x Clyde Drop One of the Catchiest Bass Melodies This Year On ‘So High’

In a a very short space of time, singer/Dj/Producer, Paige Lopynski and DJ/producer, Daniel Litman have gone from high school friends in Fairfax, Virginia, to rocking festivals around the world as the dynamic duo BONNIE X CLYDE. Establishing a recognisable and signature sound which features hard hitting percussion, melodic bass and emotional top lines. Their latest single, ‘So High’ is no exclusion to this sound, dropping another heater into this building portfolio. ‘So High’ immediately grabs your attention with its pulsating and effortlessly drifting synth rhythms building to a wall of cutting saws, ultimately climaxing with one of the catchiest bass melodies we have heard this year. This one is an abosolute stormer and will be gracing its presence in many summer sets to come, Enjoy!