BLVK JVCK puts his signature spin on a Biggie Smalls classic in “LOOT”

BLVK JVCK has already made a significant name for himself in the way he combines hip hop with heavy bass, but he’s just outdone himself on this one. Putting a signature spin on a Biggie Smalls classic, this one is “LOOT.” Amongst a slew of recognizable samples and ad-libs, you’ll also hear one of the most aggressive drops of this year. No, seriously, this thing is an absolute beast. I can’t even really say much about it musically because my jaw is still left on the floor.

BLVK JVCK, aka Jermaine “Mayne Zayne” Jackson, says “LOOT is the record I always dreamed about makin!! It embodies everything we love about a great song. Melody, concept, bars and the hardest drop that’ll make you rob your grandmother on Christmas!!! Just joking about the robbing part!”

Check out the new tune below!