Blood On Guitars Fuses Bass House & Indie Rock For One Of A Kind Single, “isolation”

“You’ve never heard anything like this before” is a dime-a-dozen phrase. Most of the time, it’s a platitude for a track that uses one interesting synth or maybe an out of tune drum that makes you go, “oh, that’s different.” But trust me when I say that you’ve never heard anything quite like “isolation” from Blood on Guitars. The track begins with an indie rock instrumental reminiscent of 2010-era El Ten Eleven or Tokyo Police Club before suddenly and unexpectedly dropping into a heavy bass house section. If you’re having trouble picturing this, the music video (below) does a great job of illustrating the transition as it goes from peaceful images of ’50s carnivals and kids shows to ’80s metal and mosh pits.

Combining the two styles, especially in this way, isn’t something I’ve ever heard anyone else do — and if you can point me in the direction of anyone who has, I’ll thank you forever. Last year the world was introduced to Blood On Guitars with his debut two track EP ‘blood on the aux’ on Tony Romera’s label Sans Merci. Following his debut EP came his inaugural release of 2020, ‘might be the only way.’ With ‘isolation’ now under his belt, BOG is definitely one of our artists to watch this year. Check out the new single below.