Blinders Releases A Hot New Track “ Pressure (Wanna Feel Good) ”

Blinders, a favorite of STMPD Rcrds, is back with a hot new track, “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)”. The Polish DJ/Producer continues to create catchy and innovative new tunes that can be played in a club or at a festival. “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)” is no exception, with its underground vocal sample, warehouse-ready synth work, and an incredible drop that will have you dancing all night. Blinders did not stop at just creating a banger of a song; they also animated the accompanying music video.

The video depicts an animated female protagonist fleeing. We don’t know what it is. The protagonist is haunted by some terrifying white faces with red lights for eyes as she flees. Our heroine’s escape becomes even more perilous during the second run through, with more obstacles and the odds stacked against her. It’s definitely worth listening to and watching.

Blinders’ latest single, “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good),” is available now on STMPD.