Blanke & GG Magree Team Up For Blistering New Single, “Incinerate”

A lot can go into naming a song. It can embody the lyrics of the song, or its intent, or meaning, or it can be completely random. For dance music, naming a song can be more difficult since a lot of it is just instrumental music, but that’s really where the vibe of the track comes into play. With a name like “Incinerate,” it evokes an image of fiery destruction, blistering heat, and uncontained intensity — enter Blanke and GG Magree.

Blanke has been crushing the game lately and GG is an established name since the beginning of Deadbeats. Putting the two of them together should have created an epic collaboration… and it did. “Incinerate” begins with eerie vocals and glitched out synths, as if entering a corrupted version of Tron that is in the process of being engulfed in flames. As you finally enter the game, you’re thrown into a whirlwind of chaos, thrown about one way and another until you finally find your footing and begin your trek through the treacherous onslaught of contaminated data. By the time the second drop hits, you’re a seasoned warrior who bravely hacks and slashes through the minefield to reach the promise land and your way out. Of course, by the time Blanke puts out the second track from his forthcoming Deadbeats EP, you’ll want back in.

In the meantime, check out “Incinerate” below.