Blanke Drops New Remix For Rynx ft Kiesza, “All For You”

Rynx just dropped a remix pack for his songs “All For You” with Kiesza and “Burn It Up” that features Eliminite, Cruise Control, QUIX, and Blanke. The original “All For You” is a super poppy song with vocal chops and a slow rhythm that is good but also isn’t at quite the right BPM for dancing or headbanging, and just feels like it’s about 95% there. Blanke finally gets it to 100%.

Blanke’s fully augments “All For You” and lifts it up to a fantastic new level. Pumping the BPM up to around 90 gives it a way more danceable rhythm and keeping most of the elements from the original, including the melody, in the drop also helps to keep it relatable and, in my opinion, more memorable.

The soft, muted kicks in the build remind me a lot of Illenium without stepping on his style, and the progressively more intense vocal chops and suspense make the drop infinitely more enticing. It’s like eating a meal that is both unbearably rich but indescribably light, something that makes you savor each bite and yearn for more as soon as it’s gone.

While I might have opted for a different second drop, something more in line with Illenium’s “Blood,” the final drop gives me that variance in rhythm from the first two that I definitely needed. All in all, there’s a reason why Blanke has said this is his one of his favorite remixes he’s ever done. And while I personally will always have a love for his “Changa” remix, this one places up there.

Check out Blanke’s remix of “All For You” below and listen to the rest of the remixes here!