Black Justin pushes himself against the border to make the new EP ‘Black Vibez’ more vivid with imagery and vogue

The new rapper from Boston, Black Justin brings the latest EP ‘Black Vibez’ with seven trap hip-hop tracks that become the final piece of the puzzle of his life. With the exhilarating spirit of 22, the upcoming rapper Black Justin from Boston shows off his flamboyant imaginations and wild nature in seven captivating songs off the new EP ‘Black Vibez’. His compositions are the documentation of the ritzy and risky lifestyle he took up for the fun of thrills.

His new EP project is the result of the introspective analysis that forced him to write songs about the uncongenial moments that eventually make or break us. During his brief career of 3 years, he has illuminated the hip hop scene with grand and hypnotic rhythms that have no match for elementary hip hop found in a dime a dozen these days.

Black Justin managed to stay both adaptive and versatile throughout the tracks from the new EP ‘Black Vibez’. His lyrical consistency in the leading song ‘Gucci’ has vivid references for the luxurious bling he wears to compliment his success. His honest-to-goodness wordplay in ‘Creepin’ does not hide his initial indulgence in drugs and guns. Power is the addiction that succumbs everyone before taking them down and the young rapper has seen those dark reflections. His real substance gives the new trap songs unmatched popularity. Find the new tracks of the forthcoming EP on apple music.

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