BLACK GOTIT Drops Another Trap Hit to Fit his Expectations Titled ‘GUCCI SOCKS REMIX’

With the overabundance of artists trying to make their name in the industry, only a few names have managed to draw in much attention with their high production quality. BLACK GOTIT has gone onto become a much-celebrated name in trap music with his verbal sharpness and intriguing thought process. His artistry in trap music is unparalleled and the rapper skillfully combines it with his emotional rap voice to lead his mesmerizing tracks. The Las Vegas trap artist gives off a musical journey that sounds compelling with awesome cuts and loops filled throughout. His vibrant voice weaved with a collection of vivid new ideas makes for an effective listen. The artist is a proud nurturer of catchy vocals and showcases a very pristine trap production with a sporty sound on his latest creation.

The track ‘GUCCI SOCKS REMIX’ involves a groovy spirit and every beat falls right into the place to give the verses a big compliment. The song channels a great deal of the rapper’s sound as he raps beautifully with striking melodies to reveal just how much engaging his artistry could be. Starting on a rather rhythmic soundscape, the song quickly catches up the pace when the rapper lets his razor-sharp and fresh vocals take over the scene.

Built under the label Smith, the complete production of ‘GUCCI SOCKS REMIX’ with a drum kit and enough vocal melodies is a showcase of how brilliantly talented the rapper is as he never fails to connect with the audience. The punch of the rhythms enhances the trap production as it progresses and carves out a sonic space that is hard-hitting. BLACK GOTIT has a sweet tone which he brings to the forefront with brilliant songwriting and good vibes in the form of this stellar creation. The artist has an outstanding caliber to switch his flow and moves from lower tones to faster rap melody mainly during the mid half that further gives so many grooves to the single.

With much energy and bounce, the rapper takes command of the performance as he lets his distinctive style and confidence create a faultless rhythm. Everything about this track is worthy and gives an emotional experience to the audience. Coming from NV, the artist mainly focuses on alternative trap music to dictate his creativity and has done wonderful artwork with his latest song. Listen to it on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram for more details.

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