Black Caviar Release New EP, “Moon Landing”

Fresh off of remixing the Charlie’s Angels theme for the new feature film, Black Caviar are back with a new 2-track EP entitled, Moon Landing. The New York City duo has a knack for making widely accessible house music for both the most die hard house heads or even those just dipping their feet in, and Moon Landing is no exception. “Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing” is fast-paced without a lot of the build up fluff of your typical club house tune. The vocal sample and rhythm keep the vibe light and breezy without demanding too much of the listener, as well.

“Moonpie” is comparatively more high brow house, but not by much. It has a groovier swing rhythm to it that gives room to sway and swoon with the flow. Don’t be surprised if this one catches you by surprise and you find yourself unconsciously moving to the beat… it’s a sneaky one, but powerful. Check out both tracks below, out now via Thrive Music!