BJ the Chicago Kid’s Freshest Groove: “Long Time”

BJ the Chicago Kid has recently dropped a soulful new single titled “Long Time.” This release is accompanied by the exciting announcement of his forthcoming collaboration album, “Gravy,” produced in partnership with Yeti Beats. Fans can look forward to the album’s release on November 10th, via RTW/RCA Records.

“Long Time” not only showcases BJ the Chicago Kid’s vocal talent but also features additional production from Charlie Bereal. It’s worth noting that this single is the fourth official release from his highly anticipated album “Gravy.”

What sets “Gravy” apart is that it was recorded with a live band at the iconic Royal Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. This studio holds a special place in the history of soul music and is famously associated with the legendary soul artist Al Green. So, fans of BJ the Chicago Kid can anticipate a soulful and authentic musical experience when the album drops on November 10th.