Bite Beauty Los Angeles & Atlanta Amuse Bouche Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Bite Beauty Los Angeles Amuse Bouche Lipstick is a deep, rosy beige with soft, warm undertones and a cream finish. Alternatively, it could be categorized as a light, rosy brown, but I think it’s just light and rosy enough to be a little more beige than brown (if I had to pick a color family). It was richly pigmented with a lightweight, creamy texture that had a touch of tackiness initially (but seemed to keep the product in place better) that glided across my lips without tugging. This shade wore well for five hours and was moisturizing while worn.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick is supposed to have “bold, creamy color” with “extreme moisture, soft texture, and creamy wear.” The majority of the range is very pigmented–typically opaque with one pass–with a few shades being semi-opaque but usually buildable. All 34 shades are shimmer-free and vary being a soft satin finish to a natural finish (light shine but not glossy).

The consistency is very lightly creamy to lightly creamy with some shades requiring light-medium pressure and can pull the lip a bit when gliding it across the lips, though the color doesn’t appear ragged and the bullet itself doesn’t feel stiff (while other shades applied without tugging, so check individual shade reviews!) The majority of the shades I’ve tested have been lightly hydrating to non-drying and fairly comfortable to wear for the long-haul. They wear longer than average, from four to eight hours, depending on the intensity and propensity of the shade to stain.

Bite Beauty Atlanta Amuse Bouche Lipstick is a bright, medium-dark coral with warm undertones and a cream finish. It balanced brightness and depth to make it less neon without going into a really muted/faded territory. The texture was smooth, lightweight, and creamy enough to apply without dragging but didn’t feel slippery when worn, though there was a smidgen of product in a few of my deeper lip lines (thankfully that wasn’t noticeable from a normal viewing distance). The pigmentation was opaque and stayed on well for five hours on me. The formula was also hydrating over time.