Bishu Unveils New Cross-Genre Bop, “Let You Down”

I’ve written about Bishu before and his talents as a producer, yet he still never ceases to surprise me with each new release. Out now is a new single with Aviella called “Let You Down” that once again makes me stop and appreciate the finer things. “Let You Down” is characterized by the stark contrast between Aviella’s high voice and the heavily textured bass, giving listeners a wide range of auditory stimuli to lock onto and follow along with. Among all of this is also a delectable electric guitar riff that leads into each drop. Bishu’s talent comes into play with how well all of these pieces are fitted together in a coherent and intensely pleasing manner.

Most songs that have a glittery vocal section accompanied by a harder drop do so disjointedly, kind of just smashing the two together and hoping for the best. Bishu, on the other hand, does it with a style and panache that never feels out of place or forced.

Check out “Let You Down” from Bishu below, out now via Thrive, and I bet he won’t.