Billie Eilish Drops Terrifyingly Introspective New Single About Her Sudden Rise To Fame

It’s been just under eight months since Billie Eilish dropped her critically acclaimed debut album, and fans have been waiting for new music even still. Apart from the “bad guy” “remix” with Justin Bieber, there’s been naught, until now. She just dropped her newest song “everything i wanted” and it’s already destined for tons of remixes. The new single is a melancholic and simple tune that relies more on vibe than musicality. Billie’s iconic droning caries the rhythm of the tune alongside the production, putting it closer to “listen before i go” than “bury a friend.”

Billie’s songs have always been introspective, but “everything i wanted” is the first one to address her meteoric rise to fame head on. Vulture describes it best, calling it “a grisly dream about stepping off the Golden Gate and finding out that people didn’t like her as much as they let on.” Hopefully any (inevitable) remixes are able to carry this emotion over. Check it out below.

Photo courtesy of Coachella