Bill Abernathy releases a brilliant music video ‘Whiskey Road’ that aptly shows his artwork

Bill Abernathy skillfully shows his progressive piece of writing with a brilliant acoustic guitar arrangement in his latest lyrical music video ‘Whiskey Road’.

Bill Abernathy’s story is all about second chances. Having started creating music during the 20’s he had to give up on his passion and focused on the other aspects of life. Meanwhile, he always penned down his thoughts and continued to play a bit, till one day when life gave him another opportunity to pick up the guitar. With lyrics being the soul of his compositions, the singer released his last album in 2017 that fetched him immense popularity in music charts. On his recent album ‘Crossing Willow Creek’, the innovational musician has done a fabulous job of portraying his musical skills. The entire project is based on how a person must step out of the old into something new. There is one particular song titled ‘Whiskey Road’ that leads towards acoustic guitars and compact songwriting that gives another reason to cherish his organic craftsmanship.

Bill Abernathy is a fine storyteller and his compositions are poetic versions of far-stretched imagination. He derives inspiration from family, friends, nature, and even people he has never met. By introducing great techniques and catchy vocals, he has fully utilized the chance with the track ‘Whiskey Road’. Listen to it on YouTube and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for more information.