BIJOU Puts On His Favorite Producers with ‘Unlocked Vol. 1’ [MUST LISTEN]

If you haven’t heard the name BIJOU by now it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock. The producer has made his own lane in the future house scene and now he’s inviting all his friends down for the ride. Earlier this month, his label Do Not Duplicate Recordings put out one of the most riveting and relevant compilations 2019 has heard thus far. It’s jam-packed with rule-breaking sounds from house legends in the making. Unlocked Vol. 1 is so much more than a one-and-done listen — these are choice selects we’ll be hearing all year long and into the future.

BIJOU and Schade kick off the collection right, with a g-house inspired anthem made by design to get listeners excited about the current state of the vast, exciting genre. Gerry Gonza, Blossom, ATLAST, MASTERIA, and Nostalgix continue to mix it up with buzzing, in-your-face records destined to turn heads whenever they play out.

Ain’t no party like a house party — because a house party don’t stop. Listen here!

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Unlocked Vol. 1 [Do Not Duplicate Recordings]