BIJOU & Party Favor Drop Collab Years In The Making “WHOA” [LISTEN]

Today, BIJOU and Party Favor treat us to a driving house record, literally years in the making, that’s sure to burn up dancefloors and livestreams everywhere this weekend. In a seamless effort, BIJOU and Party Favor blend their signature house flavors for this instant banger that lives up to the name. Dance music is ripe for collaborative combos such as this and “WHOA” was well worth the wait.

BIJOU tells how their friendship and the collab came to be:

I met Dylan in 2013 after we booked him for his first performance in Phoenix. I was working as a promoter and was his driver for the night and for some crazy reason we hit it off and became friends. After countless sessions and numerous songs written together, we finally found a track that worked perfectly. We had been toying around with a few tracks for awhile now and something about WHOA just felt right. Big love and shoutout to him for the support over the years!

Party Favor chimes in:

Six years in the making, I finally got to do a record with my good friend Ben. We’d been talking about it for so long and tried so many demos, so I’m excited it finally happened and everyone gets to hear it.

“WHOA is out now on BIJOU’s own DND Recs.

Get it:

BIJOU – “WHOA” with Party Favor