BIJOU & Dr. Fresch Another Massive Collab,“Big Dog” ft. Chase Fetti

BIJOU and Dr. Fresch are at it again with another massive collab to add to their stack. As two producers that consistently bring together hip hop and house music, BIJOU and Dr. Fresch find an instinctive groove with “Big Dog.” Tapping the talent of East Coast rapper Chase Fetti, the production provides an exemplary intersection of genres, while also upholding the respective styles of all artists involved.

Dr. Fresch shares of the “Big Dog” release:

7 years of friendship, 5 collabs later — when you make music with friends who share a similar vision there’s nothing like it. This song is special because it simply feels like us, it’s good to be back AND it features one of the hottest from the east coast rn, Chase Fetti!!! COMING OUT ON BIJOU’s DND RECORDS!

BIJOU adds:

Once a year the Dr and I get together and always do something special for you guys.

Listen here!

BIJOU & Dr. Fresch – “Big Dog” ft. Chase Fetti