Biicla’s New Album “Yes Place” Is An Upbeat, Genre-Bending Sophomore Release

The 10-track “Yes Place” New album demonstrates Biicla‘s creative breadth, as he thrives once more with his genre-blending skills. It was preceded by singles such as “Never Be Mine” and “I’ll Be There.” Yes Place is a clear example of Biicla’s distinct sound and infinite musical ability. The title of this album stands in stark contrast to the title of his last album, “No Place,” indicating that he is going through a huge positive transition in his life and profession. The album’s deeper symbolic significance—previously known as “Yes! I think I found a place”—is another appeal for connoisseurs.

Biicla develops a musically diversified and engaging production by exploring different genres while maintaining and establishing cohesiveness and attractive sound. The dynamic and imaginative sound design of the project, which blends a multitude of inspiration and components from throughout the electronic music spectrum, gives it a distinct edge. Biicla’s unique and extended “Yes Place,” which he is currently working on compiling an exciting tracklist for his forthcoming summer concerts, is a clear reflection of his continued evolution as an artist and a person.