Biicla New 4-track EP “Outside”

Biicla‘s followup EP to his 2019 No Place is finally here. The new 4-track EP Outside Released on TOKiMONSTA‘s Young Art Records is the perfect way to kick off your weekend. If this is your introduction to Biicla – then what a great welcoming it is. Each track solicits emotion, but together the foursome of songs complete something that could not be done with just one track. It’s jampacked with emotional riffs that would live comfortably on most indie-dance tracks. It’s ok to feel something while you dance – Biicla made sure of that. The title track of the EP, “Outside” is the breakout track from the album for me. It blends  future bass elements with a wonderful little house beat to curate a 4 minute track that will hopefully take you somewhere else. Somewhere “Outside” so to speak. The looping is crisp, professional, and reminiscent of some of Gold Panda’s best tracks.

“In this EP, I use my own signature style, but the special thing about this release is that for the first time I share my thoughts and experiences with you in the text. Do not take liberation as a revelation, in it I am talking about the image of a person in which there is something of me, and there are details that I have invented. This is my next experiment, another adventure, relax, listen and have fun.” –Biicla

Check out the full EP below.

Biicla – Outside