BigHomieThurm gathers Huge Publicity with his Rap Flow in ‘Slatt Talk (Official Video)’

BigHomieThurm celebrates his uniqueness and a completely different approach to hip-hop sound with his latest music video ‘Slatt Talk (Official Video) Shot by JayTheLongway’ that shows what the industry had been missing out on. He has a firm grip over his voice that makes the listening experience even more entertaining. Being an avid lover of hip-hop and rap style, I was completely bewildered by listening to his voice that carried with itself a significant attitude and swag necessary for developing intensity. Accompanied by a stunning set of visuals in which he was performing in full style, the song is an effective showcase of his strength as a rapper and storyteller and I just could not stop myself from repeating the song on repeat.

It is almost impossible to let go off his powerful recipe for success and I did not have to put in much effort to figure out the totality of his skill and talent. It’s like a continuous process that keeps rolling throughout the length of the song. Lyrically, it’s excellent and BigHomieThurm offers a good time with his musicality. I would certainly recommend the song to any hip-hop lover who wants to tune into something really refreshing. Watch the video and his unbeatable performance on YouTube now.