Big Up the Old School Junglists! DJ Rap Releases a Remix Album of Her Hit ‘Intelligent Woman’

There may be no better way to end a week and ‘pon the weekend, as it were, than with some high-energy jungle and D&B jams. With part two of her Back to the Future series, DJ Rap is more than doing her part for those pre-party vibes. The remix album of her “Intelligent Woman” single is out now. Rap’s 2001 classic “Intelligent Woman” has got a good goose from Hungry T and she’s done her own VIP remix on the EP, which also includes a remastered version of the original. Fans can compare all the mixes in one high-quality release. The remastered version with full lyrics from Outlaw Candy is full of amens and a tropical bongo beat. It also contains lots of ravey samples and flourishes that were popular in 2001 but that still get the party amped just as well today.

At first blush, Rap’s own remix seems like it’s going to be a faster version of the original with the lyrics cut up a bit but at the first drop it becomes obvious that is not the case. A heavy, grumbling sinewave bassline comes rolling through as well as a ravey, melodic synth that turns the track into a lush, techy stepper. Rap maintains the integrity of the track, however, incorporating the vocals and those classic snares and amens into this more modern format in a way that makes it seem like the track was created that way. The benefits of knowing your stems like the back of your hand, eh?

Hungry T’s remix does very nearly the opposite to Rap’s VIP, mixing down early after the break and changing the snares up completely in the main beat. The kicks feel farther apart in this version but that’s only because the snares are backed off a bit. He injects some of the classic vibes at the intro and breaks not only with vox and snare samples from Rap’s original but from other reggae and ragga tracks. The result is a remix that’s a journey on the dancefloor and a track fans should listen to more than once to get just how complex it is.

The remixes in DJ Rap’s Back to the Future series are a cool way to pay homage to the foundation of jungle and D&B, of which she was a big part, while pulling those sounds and vibes into the future. The modern twists on “Intelligent Woman” by herself and Hungry T as well as the original classic show that good beats are always danceable adaptable and timeless. The “Intelligent Woman” remix EP is out now on DJ Rap’s Propa Talent label and can be streamed or purchased on multiple platforms here.