Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” Gets A Honey Dijon Remix

People are raving about Beyonce‘s new album Renaissance. Whether it’s Queen Bee’s embracing of house and disco aesthetics or the latest album revisions that sprang from early criticism, the new album has a lot to talk about and even more to dance to. However, some may have missed or overlooked the album’s huge song “Break My Soul” having a remix package just before the album’s release. There are four remixes included. Will offers a variety of perspectives. Terry Hunter, Nita Aviance, and The group’s finest hit, though, comes from collaborator and house icon Honey Dijon.

Honey Dijon produced two of Renaissance’s opening tracks, “COZY” and “ALIEN SUPERSTAR,” if you didn’t already know. While the record maintains a calm four-to-the-floor pace, Honey Dijon’s remix was designed to appeal to nightclubs everywhere. It has these hypnotic beats that are both raucous and groovy. It incorporates tiny bits from the song into Beyonce’s dominating voice and shuffle-inducing beat. It’s also a fantastic flex for the Chicagoan. Honey Dijon is a bright illustration of how the origins of house music in Chicago are more relevant today than ever. Here’s what she had to say about her recent work on Renaissance.

Check out Honey Dijon’s fantastic remix of Beyonce’s “BREAK MY SOUL.”