Best Party Theme Ideas For Summer

After a year of being told to stay at home and stay socially distanced at all times, you could be forgiven for having practically forgotten what it feels like to attend a party – but with a roadmap out of lockdown finally set out for the coming months and the future now looking a little brighter, what better time to start planning a special event to celebrate the end of it all? Granted, we don’t yet know when we might be able to mix in large numbers again, but we can certainly dream – and even the smallest of social soirees will be a welcome occurrence after the past twelve months, at a time when the glitz and glamour of an active social life has felt well and truly off the menu.

If you’re eager to host your first post-Covid event, then a themed party is the perfect way to inject some fun into proceedings, and best of all, you can put a sophisticated twist on just about anything to create a luxurious high-end feel. From masquerade balls to casino nights, the possibilities are endless, and we can almost guarantee that you’ll have as much fun planning it as you will on the night itself. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then look no further – because we’ve rounded up some of the best theme ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing. And, with some carefully selected décor and drapery, expertly complemented with props and lighting, you can quickly transform your home or event space into a themed wonderland.


Fairgrounds and carnivals always make for fun memories, and with a fairground-themed party, you can recreate the bright lights and buzzing atmosphere with a distinctly grown-up twist. Your décor should be bright and colourful – making for a welcome sight after months of drudgery – and traditional fairground snacks can be incorporated into a more adult menu that is chic, sophisticated and the perfect accompaniment to a great evening. Think candy floss cocktails (you could even buy or hire in a candy floss machine and set up a self-serve cocktail bar so that people can mix their own), miniature hotdogs and sliders.

Black and white ball

Simple and sophisticated, the timeless black and white ball is the perfect way to welcome back a return to normality, and is the perfect excuse for your guests to get dressed up to the nines and feel like a million dollars once again. A minimalistic monochrome colour scheme can make for an impactful and ultra-glamorous set-up for the night, with satin voile cloth drapes, white Roman pillars, white trees and contrasting chandeliers just some of the ideas you could draw on. And for the guests, black and white feather masks are the perfect prop – and the kind we’d much rather be wearing once it’s safe.

Las Vegas casino night

If you’ve been missing the adrenaline that comes with a few spins at the roulette table, then what better way to recreate the feeling with a casino theme night event? While the real things may have opened their doors once again by the summer, you can still up the fun factor by holding your own party at home, and from giant playing cards and dice to neon signs, there are endless ideas for adding a little extra excitement to the surroundings. As with most things in life, however, do remember that less is more. Overdoing the decor can feel tacky, so keep it simple and insist on a smart and sophisticated dress code for guests.

Arabian Nights

If you’re ready to go all out on the opulence, then an Arabian Nights theme is just the job. Incorporating rich shades of deep red and gold will add instant glamour and create an extravagant feel, with cloth drapes, lanterns, tapestries and palace scenery all setting the backdrop for a memorable night. To add to the authentic feel, serve up some mouth-watering Moroccan canapes and hire in some Bedouin tents and furnishings for your outdoor space and create an additional ambience. Let’s face it – if ever we’ve deserved a luxurious soiree, it’s in 2021 – and all being well as lockdown restrictions begin to ease, you could be hosting one sooner than you think.