Best luxury sports and super cars to buy

Fancy treating yourself to a new set of wheels this year? Whether you’re looking to add yet another luxury sports car to your collection, or trading in your current ride for something all together more exciting, there are a range of beautiful cars out this year that are guaranteed to scratch that itch. And no, a sports car doesn’t have to signify a mid-life crisis – not when they are as spectacular as these. From lightweight track cars to modern hot hatchbacks, mid-engined two seaters to front-engined grand touring coupes, whatever your drive style of choice, there’s guaranteed to be a model that will blow you away. But when it comes to full-size, dedicated sports cars – ranging in price from around £60,000 – £120,000, it gets even better.

If you want something that’s certain to look the part while sitting on your driveway as well as offering an excellent drive then you’re in luck, because between them, they’ve got it all. And from closed cockpits to rear and four-wheel drive layouts, petrol to hybrid, the experts at Auto Covers – a leading supplier of quality indoor and outdoor car covers that are perfect for keeping your pride and joy protected – have rounded up five of the best sports cars to get your hands on this year. Fasten your seatbelt, because these highly coveted cars are going to give you the drive of your life.


The McLaren 720S is the most innovative supercar ever produced by McLaren and is the result of the brands endless quest to push the limits of possibility. Image credit: Artzzz/

McLaren 720S

A car that has succeeded where its predecessors – the 650S and the MP4-12C – fell short, the McLaren 720S. It accelerates faster, laps more quickly and stops harder than any rival, earning it the supercar status it so rightly deserves. In fact, this 710bhp machine is a closer match for a contemporary hypercar, leaving pretty much every other set of wheels in the dust in any given situation. This particular model is a piece of ergonomic mastery and is a dream to drive. The track-focused 765LT – a lighter, faster edition – launches this year, with power and torque hitting heights of 754bhp and 590lb ft respectively. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate luxury supercar purchase in 2020, then make it this.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

The coveted SF90 is the most powerful road car in Ferrari’s history, and set the quickest lap time around its Fiorano test track. This is not a car to do things by halves, and is guaranteed to impress on almost all criteria. This green iteration of the world’s most iconic car is a plug-in hybrid which can travel for up to 15 miles on electricity alone and features the latest version of the 488 Pista’s twin turbo-charged 3.0-litre V8 and is an all-round technological force to be reckoned with. A comfortable cruiser for longer distances, it’s an exciting development from Ferrari, and paves the way for its zero-emissions cars of the future.


The Jaguar F-Type sports car combines beautiful lines, find handling and a broad range of performance options. Image credit: autodatanet/

Porsche 911 (Carrera S and Carrera 4S)

You can’t often go wrong with a Porsche of any kind, and you’re looking for a dream drive that will uphold their impeccable reputation then this eight-generation rear-engined machine is an excellent pick. Longer and wider than its predecessors, the 911 comes in both 380bph Carrera and 444bhp Carrera S varieties, both of which are twin turbo-charged and come with eight-speed automatic gearboxes. If you prefer a manual drive though, then worry not, as these will be hitting the road in early 2021. Four-wheel steering is optional, while mixed-width wheels and tyres come as standard.

Jaguar F-Type

The successor to for the brand’s Lyon’s design E-type first launched back in 2013, but it’s gone through a series of upgrades since then. At the top of the range, the new R-version is certainly worth parting with the cash for, and at £100,000 and 567bhp, is built to rival the likes of the upper-level 911 and Aston Martin Vantage. The latest model has been given a makeover and comes with some fresh visual appeal, as well as impressive handling precision and chassis composure. Whichever set of wheels floats your boat the most, you can’t go far wrong with one of these beauties. A spokesperson at Auto Covers Australia told us: “If you’re looking for a luxury sports car or supercar that doesn’t just look good, but also offers an unrivalled driving experience, then these cars have got you covered. Which one you choose is all down to personal taste, but all of them are great choices that are guaranteed to impress.”