Best Luxury Luggage Sets

We’re always talking about traveling – the best destinations, luxury hotels, the best restaurants. But what about luggage? Luggage is as important as any other aspect when traveling. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a seasonal vacationer you can’t go wrong with selecting a great quality luggage set. If you travel often you’ll need a durable product if you’re not a frequent traveler investing in a high-end luggage set can be an investment.

Take a look at the best luggage sets!

Ambeur 3-Piece Metallic Luggage Set from Calpack

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This luggage set is the perfect mix of style and function at a fairly reasonable price. The set is composed by a Carry-on, a Medium and a Large Luggage. The pieces are durable, lightweight and extremely strong. The clean minimalist lines and the metallic finish grants a stylish look to these, which feature multidirectional spinner wheels and two separate internal compartments.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion 3 Piece Spinner Set

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Samsonite is one of the top brands in the luggage market – thanks to the combination of strength, style, and durability.  This set includes 3 different sized bags, a TSA-compatible combination lock, and a full-zip interior divider with organization pockets. The shell is 100% polycarbonate and is coated with a metallic finish that helps to masl any potential scratches.

Trek Aluminum Suitcase Silver

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If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury luggage set choose this aluminum premium set that can withstand all sorts of travel conditions. This strong, yet very sophisticated and stylish set is the perfect solution and comes in three sizes. The interior is lined with a silky royal-blue fabric and offers pocketed compartments for organizing travel necessities.

American Tourister Wakefield 5 Piece Luggage Set

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This luggage set composed of 5 pieces offers a versatility that is hard to match. The luggage is constructed from rugged polyester, all soft-shell items have fully lined interiors, reinforced corners, as well as multiple interior/exterior pockets for custom organization and quick access to your essentials. The perfect set for business travel! These are only some of the best luxury luggage sets out there and all of these make incredible Christmas gifts, especially for travel lovers!