Best Halloween Makeup Ideas

We can all agree that most parts of 2020 were pretty scary so everyone has already acted in their own horror film. Right? If you’re looking for last-minute ideas, we have an array of Halloween makeup looks for you to choose from. If you do decide to go out for a little Halloween party, you can keep it safe with makeup looks that accommodate your face masks. In fact, there are a number of spooky face masks to choose from.

So who’s going to celebrate Halloween this year dressed up as the year? A viral structure to represent that raging pandemic? Or a protest sign that simply reads “End Police brutality?” Those would be great options but if you’re looking for something traditional, spooky, or celebrity / influencer-inspired, then you’ll love these amazing makeup ideas. From the most simple to the most complex scary looks, we’ve curated top-notch and exciting ideas to pop that costume! Plus a series of tutorials on last-minute Halloween makeup ideas!

Best Halloween Makeup Ideas to match your look…

The un-dead

Halloween is perhaps the only time when we look at being or hanging around the un-dead. These between-life-and-death creatures, aka zombies, are a popular Halloween go-to due to the spooky effect it commands.

Quirky clown

Classic clown face makeup will take away the burden of a full costume, and it’s just the right amount of scare for the night. If you’re doing something like this Sydney’s look, take pride in the fact that you get to rock these max lashes that look off on a regular day.

Lady mischief

Halloween night doesn’t have to be a gloomy night, so feel free to play with some color. When attempting this look, be prepared to run through a bunch of eyeshadow palettes because the more color, the merrier.


We absolutely love Melissa’s take on the classic avatar look — blue, gooey, and surprisingly cute. It will take a lot of body paint, though, but you can definitely DIY this, don’t you think?

Lovey-dovey boo

Fall in love with this loveable clown, shimmering and shining just for the dark night. Some pink hearts on your eyes, matte pink lips, and plenty of highlighters. Now, you’re now the lovey-dovey boo!

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Photos: Instagram|stylerave