Best eye makeup looks to flaunt while wearing your favorite face mask

We all need to wear face masks when we’re out and about. Period. But since said masks cover a good portion of our faces, many of us have put makeup on hold. Especially since we’ve been stuck at home. (Although we sometimes swipe on some lipstick for a Zoom call.) Our lips may be hidden by our masks, but our eyes are on full display. So it wasn’t surprising to see the Spring 2021 collections offering up eye makeup looks with face masks in mind.

The cat eye is a popular choice, but with several twists. From negative space takes to smudged corners, it all feels so fresh. Bold shadows are trending as well. Think blue, red, pink and green applied on lids, beneath eyebrows and extended out to hairlines. Swipes of strategic mascara were also spotted.

Ready to up your eye makeup game? Here are the best eye makeup looks to flaunt while wearing your favorite face mask.

Paint a dramatic blue shadow over your lids and all the way up to under your eyebrows. The thicker the strokes, the better.

Use a rich red shade to create a subtle cat eye. Make sure the point is tipped slightly upward.

You can also achieve the look with a bright white hue. This time go wider for a bolder finish.

Brush on an eye-catching pink shadow on the top and bottom of your eyes. Then extend the color from your eyes to your hairline.

There’s never been a better time to experiment with negative space. Draw wings on both the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Resist the urge to fill them in.

Make your eyes pop with a lime green shadow spread a little above your lids. Add a swipe of mascara and you’re good to go.

Some smudged liner on the outer corners of your eyes is all you need.

Fill in the points of your negative space cat eye with a vibrant shadow.

Swipe on a light purple shadow and don’t forget your inner corners. Apply mascara only on your top outer lashes.

A thick-winged cat eye is nothing new. But slightly smudging the top and bottom outer corners gives it a fresh spin.


Images: Imaxtree