BEST: Bronze Whale Sets The Mood With Music Video For “Patterns”

Bronze Whale have been on a roll lately. After winning the hearts of many last year with a swoon collection of singles, the duo have just dropped another work of art in form of a music video. Captivating the ears of anyone who would listen, “Patterns” sleek and enchanting atmosphere garnered the attention it deserved. Driving it to a full-fledged music video, the visual aid perfectly translates the emotion found in the song. Check it out for yourself!

Patterns represents our connection to love and loss. We wanted to create a song that relates to progression, even when the comfort of familiarity screams at you to stay put. Ben Bashor had a clear vision of these emotions, and presented created a video that bridged past and future. His subtle storytelling and insane visuals really let that idea shine, and we couldn’t be happier with it. – Bronze Whale

BronzeWhale– Patterns (OfficialMusic Video)