Best beauty products to take away in 2018

Hello and welcome to the week of the lists "Best Of". It's the end of the year and everyone who has access to a blog has the best memes, the best movies and the best beauty products (except that you've created this one – we feel lazy). ITG likes lists, all types of lists. So we searched this year to find our best recipes of 2018. What we, as beauty editors, we thought more often than not. These are not things to buy (thank god, no?), But these are things to consider, especially with the resolution season around the corner. The question is: what do you think of the last week of 2018? What were your beauty takeaways? You know where to leave them.

You probably need fewer products than you think

It's so tempting to go beyond your skin. To use 12 steps (when maybe you only need three). To use a quarter-size glob (when your face is small enough for a penny). In general, the less likely it is, the better because you may be wasting the product and at worst because you are likely to overwhelm your skin. See how small you can stay while reaping the benefits. In 2018, Danuta told us that a drop of something like Vintner's Daughter might be enough. And only a few times a week! Mark it as a victory when the bottle costs $ 185. And even if it is not the case …

All the primers are not worthless!

Hey, did you meet Ashley Weatherford? Because if you did, then you know: she is very in love with the Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer. (Piece A, Piece B.) Gone are the days of sticky, chalky basecoats that damage the skin for makeup. We are very happy to begin an era of products that smooth the skin and make all other products more enjoyable. Or do like Gotham Gold and use a primer instead of everything else. Revolutionary!

Blush can be a hell of a contour

No old-fashioned outlines, but did you just try to blush a little? Works like a charm. Especially if you do not want to wear any other makeup (for example, a foundation, a concealer, a darker shade, then a highlighter …) Why? Who knows! But giving a dimension to your face is probably the reason. No matter what you use, really – more than the tone of your skin will please your eyes. Dab on your nose too. Gives a beautiful sun-kissed effect.

Find someone who can cut your hair and stick with them

Almost all ITG publishers have learned this the hard way. A new buzzy lounge is coming into town and we are the first online, and the first with a bad haircut. Not to say that these new guys are bad at work, but it is hard to find someone who speaks your hair language. Do you have someone with whom you are happy? Do not rock the boat. You may not know how lucky you are …

Maybe give up the air conditioner?

Another haircut thanks to ITG's personal routines. The conditioner is a great tool to untangle and add weight to fluffy hair. But what if you do not want or do not need these things? Then you may want to try to skip the air conditioner one of these days. A routine without it can cause lighter, more bouncy curls and healthier hair. It may not work for everyone, but it might work for you. What do you have to lose?

Skin care is not always just skin care

It's a myriad of other things like bacteria on your pillowcases, bacteria on your phone screen and bacteria on this towel. Luckily, keeping these things in shape is quite easy and cheap (or avoid the towels and start using the speaker). Before investing in a new exfoliating mask, do an in-depth clean of your linens … see what happens!

And finally: to know when it is time to call on professionals

Skin care is an excellent tool. Some facialists are geniuses. Hey, even the comments section on this site is mostly about money. But if you have a persistent problem (for example, a forehead acne that does not correspond to a cycle, a diet or a list of ingredients), it may be useful to make an appointment with a dermatologist. They tend to know what they are talking about! A prescription may be just what your skin needs – and you'll be able to enjoy the fun aspects of skin care again. And that's why we are all here, is not it?

Photo via ITG.

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