Benji Lewis Unveils Shimmering Here, Than And Now EP

Indie R&B singer-songwriter Benji Lewis has continued to dazzle with his shimmering new EP. Comprised of five equally beautiful tracks, Lewis’ Here, Then and Now EP is a testament to his growth as an artist and inherent creativity. Building off his previous singles “Hold On,” “Fast Forward,” and “New Day,” Here, Then and Now has broadened Lewis’ range to include a taste of more upbeat electro-pop not reflected in his older projects. Stream Benji Lewis’ stunning Here, Then and Now EP below.

This EP is a little different from my earlier material, but it’s what I found myself naturally creating and wanting to make at the time. It’s more pop and R&B inspired with some upbeat vibes and a lot more guitar. The stories are very personal as always and give plenty of insight into how I’ve been feeling over the last year or so. I hope these songs lift you up and bring some warmth to your days. – Benji Lewis

Benji Lewis – Here, Then and Now EP