Benefits Of Turmeric Powder For Your Skin

Turmeric is a plant native to South West India. Popular for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the bright yellow-orange spice is related to the ginger family. It gets its health benefits primarily from curcumin; a bioactive component found in the spice. Tumeric roots can be peeled and eaten fresh or dried.

It is also readily available as a ground spice or in supplements and other beauty and skincare products. Beyond its spectrum of physical and mental health benefits, this secret beauty weapon also has amazing skin benefits. Whether it’s treating acne or brightening dark sports, turmeric can work some serious skin wonders. Check out these benefits of turmeric powder for your skin.

It Gives A Natural Glow

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components present in turmeric powder provide a natural glow and luster to the skin. In order to achieve this, use a DIY turmeric face mask made with turmeric powder, honey, and lemon. Apply to the face and keep the mask on 15 minutes and then wash off with clean water.

Turmeric Is A Natural Exfoliator

Tumeric powder serves as a great exfoliator for the skin. A DIY turmeric face mask made with Tumeric powder, raw milk or yogurt acts as a wonderful recipe for exfoliating and removing all dead skin cells.

They Can Treat Stretch Marks

Research has shown that the curcumin properties in turmeric are very effective for treating stretch marks. Curcumin penetrates the cell membrane and is known to alter the physical properties of the cell membrane. This process takes a while to show results. Turmeric powder combined with coconut oil is a good remedy, especially for pregnancy stretch marks. Apply this, leave it on for a few minutes and then wash off completely.

Turmeric Can Be Used In The Treatment Of Acne Scarring

Turmeric helps treat the inflammation caused by pimples and any resulting scars. The anti-inflammatory components target the pores and calm the skin. For best results, apply raw turmeric mixed with sandalwood powder and lemon juice to the face. Leave on the face until it dries and then wash off with lukewarm water while scrubbing in circular motions.