Benefits Of Implementing Social Media Detox In Your Life

It’s the technology age and social media has proven even further that the world is indeed a global village. Online friends have turned best friends and influencers are the new ‘local’ celebrities. While some argue that social media is the best thing to happen to our generation (and humanity in general), others beg to differ. We like to think that social media, as with any other thing in life, has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Although owning a smartphone is not up for debate in our day, we still need to sieve the information we expose ourselves to on a a daily basis.

With the recent occurrences around the world (the coronavirus included), many have turned to social media to stay abreast of situations. But being up-to-date has gradually crossed the line from caution to paranoia as events unfold. To avoid anxiety or at least to manage it, it’s helpful to undergo a social media detox. Although it might not be ideal to go off social media completely, it is advisable to control the content you feed on.

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is the removal of impurities from a living person. This is necessary to keep the body healthy as toxins build up regularly. In biology, detoxification is mostly carried out by the liver, but in the social media space, it is a conscious effort you make to keep your timeline positive.

It encourages direct human relationship

Benefits Of Implementing Social Media Detox In Your Life

Photo: Jarritos Mexican Soda | Unsplash

The internet has us relating with a wider range of people but we sometimes ignore the ones closest to us. Some of the loneliest people in real life tend to relate better behind their keypads. This stay-at-home season is the right time to drop that phone and bond with loved ones. Generally, social media detox helps an individual absorb his immediate environment.

You remain rational

Social media can foster fear. Controlling the pages you follow can enable you conquer these fears and keep you rational. There are settings you could put in place to filter the kind of content that pop up on your TL. Much needed if you ask me.

You are more productive

Social distancing should also include social media. This is a great time to clean the house, do laundry, read that book, take that online course and not check Isabella’s page to see her glowing skin and stunning outfits. At the end of the day, you’ll be happy you used your time well by being more productive. All things happen for a reason, while we are all still trying to figure out “the why”, we need to rid ourselves from anything that would hike our anxiety and create an inner imbalance.