Benefits Of Applying Base Coat Before Your Nail Polish

It’s becoming a necessity to know a thing or two about nailcare, especially in this era of social distancing. Who knows when we’ll be required to sit at home again like we did in 2020. That is to say, there are a couple of things you can learn about nailcare to be able to get it done yourself. For example, things like applying a base coat on your nails are basic enough and with the right information, you’re good to go. Also, you still get to save some cash in the process. Of course, like most people, you’ve wondered: “Can I just skip all the extra time and energy it takes to apply base coat when painting my nails at home?”

To give you a simple answer, “No!” Base coat is the right foundation you need to lay for both perfect finish and durable nails. They also help keep your nails protected from over-exposure to certain chemicals in regular nail polish. Simple put, it is the basis for a long-lasting manicure.

What Is A Base Coat?

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It’s the first layer of a nail polish that serves as a foundation on which the finishing nail polish is applied. They are usually clear (transparent) and dry very quickly. This means that base coat won’t delay the application of your main polish and they won’t affect the color as well. Thus, why they are often referred to as a solid for good manicure. Check out these benefits of applying base coat before your nail polish.


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If even texture and great finish is what you seek, then you shouldn’t ignore the application of base coat. You will get a smooth, silky finish that would make total strangers pay you compliment. Yup, it’s that good.

Damage Preventer

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Most base coats are enriched with silk powder and castor oil, thus, provide your nails with nutrients they need to stay strong and protected. What’s more? These nail savers also prevent your nails from any day-to-day damage. Surely, it’s a great idea to have them on!

It Serves As An In Between

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These delicate delights reduce the amount of nail polish color residue that get on the nails, which can leave a permanent stain on them. But if a good base coat is applied, it prevents the top polish from seeping through.

Manicure Durability

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Most times, if you succeed in painting your nails without a base coat, it soon starts to break at the edges in a very short time. To keep the nails looking good for a longer period, a base coat is necessary.

Application Process

• Apply the base coat on the nails like you would a nail polish and wait for it to dry

• After drying, apply your main nail polish (at least 2 coats)

• When this has also dried, apply a top coat to make it shine

Voila, it’s that simple!

Featured image: zubbynailz | Instagram