Bejewelled Roger Dubuis Blacklight “Rainbow” edition Unveiled in Shanghai

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Unique Series

In recent years, Roger Dubuis has grown increasingly associated with the stuff of fantastic mythologies and extravagant creations – from medieval Arthurian legends to the extremes of automotive excellence, Roger Dubuis embodies a duality of watchmaking philosophies, simultaneously traditional yet avant garde.

In Shanghai last month, the Geneva manufacture rocked the Chinese city with an extravaganza of colours and sound; the sensorial odyssey took place on October 17th to 19th exemplified in a mechanical wonder – the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spider Unique Series, the brand’s newest minute repeater which we duly covered previously.

Sure to titillate the senses of even the most conservative of Roger Dubuis aficionados, the journey continues through the Roger Dubuis Blacklight trilogy, this time, interpreted in a kaleidoscope of unbridled artistic creativity where colour reigns supreme, enabled by an explosion of precious stones drenching vital components.

Against this larger than life backdrop epitomising Roger Dubuis’ exceptional capacity to cultivate beauty and unparalleled flair for detail, the bejewelled Roger Dubuis Blacklight “Rainbow” edition gleams the rainbow decor of the 28-piece Excalibur Blacklight limited edition. A technical and aesthetic feat made possible by lab-grown sapphire technology used for the first time in Haute Horlogerie.

Intensified by the soft surrounding darkness, the movement gives the impression of a veritable 3D mechanical sculpture, a sensation reinforced by sapphire’s inherent ability to glow under UV light, revealing the motif as it were floating in the case at night. Employing a mix of materials to display a unique and contemporary design, the outcome is a full-fledged mechanical objet d’art brimming with significant emotional content.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight

Taking the signature Roger Dubuis ‘Astral Skeleton’ movement and then imbuing it with the inherent ability to glow under UV light, the Maison has taken literal inspiration from its namesake, infusing the organically created model for the serial non-conformist. Roger Dubuis refers to this horological expression as ‘expressive singularity’ – by day, the trio of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight gives the appearance of a veritable 3D mechanical sculpture but by night and under blacklight or UV light, this is where the calibre and the Roger Dubuis’ unparalleled flair for detail truly shines.

Xu Kai Roger Dubuis in Shanghai

Jamie Chua

Dou Xiao Roger Dubuis in Shanghai