Beginner’s Guide to Luxury Car Maintenance

What could possibly be as exciting as purchasing a brand new, luxury car? Not much – and whether it’s your first pride and joy or the latest addition to an ever-growing collection, it’s certain to leave you feeling ecstatic each time you catch a glimpse of it on your driveway – let alone when you get behind the wheel. While owning a luxury car is a privilege few take for granted, there are certain considerations that should be made when making such a purchase, too. As one of the most expensive possessions you own, it will require meticulous care and attention to maintain its condition – which, if you’re a relative novice when it comes to the world of car maintenance, can feel a little overwhelming.

Thankfully, armed with a little know-how it’s a relatively easy task, and keeping up a regular schedule to ensure that you’re giving it the TLC it needs will prevent any moments of panic in the long-run should something go wrong. To help set you off on the road to success, we’ve pulled together a beginner’s guide to luxury car maintenance to help you keep your new set of wheels in tip-top condition – so the excitement of your brand new ride will never fade.

Maintenance and servicing

Photograph of a car

Keep your car clean and serviced to maintain the luxury look and feel

Keeping up with your luxury car’s maintenance and servicing schedule is paramount if you’re to ensure that it stays in the best possible condition. Should any issues that arise go unattended, they could end up costing you a small fortune in the long run, but regular servicing will ensure that any cause for concern is caught early enough to rectify without the huge bill. Exhaust repair or brake pad changes are small yet common issues you might need to deal with at some point but left unchecked, such issues could spiral.

High-end cars come with a multitude of bells and whistles, and plenty of premium features for you to enjoy – but you’ll need to keep them all well looked-after to enjoy them to the full. Be sure to read the car manual thoroughly on receipt of delivery to ensure that you have a good all-round understanding of its needs, as there will likely be several maintenance tasks you need to keep on top of yourself. Topping up the water and oil, checking tyre pressure and replacing wiper fluid are all the responsibility of the owner, so be sure to check on each of them regularly.

Regular TLC

Car being polished

Take your car to be polished by a professional a few times a month

A luxury supercar deserves a little TLC, and the easiest way to give it some is by keeping it clean. Bad weather and muddy terrain can fast spoil the perfectly polished look of your expensive set of wheels, so take yours to be washed, polished and waxed regularly to keep it looking its best. Ideally, this should be done weekly, and with a lavish car like yours, it should ideally be left to the professionals. However, armed with the right knowledge about what you’re working with, you can still do a good job at home – but be sure to read up on the correct cleaning products for each part to avoid damaging your paintwork. Waxes and sealants are a great protective measure for after you’re done and can help prevent UV damage, road debris and other contaminants – having the professionals apply this for you once a month will do the job.

On the roads

Photo of a car being driven

Pay attention to any unusual sounds or noises

When you’re taking your car for a spin and making the most of your exciting purchase, car maintenance is likely the last thing on your mind – but paying attention to any unusual sounds or noises is paramount when it comes to spotting any potential issues early. It’s also important to drive carefully – as while the temptation might be to put your foot on the accelerator and feel the power of your car in all its glory, doing so could result in accidental damage. If you’re going over speed bumps, for example, then you’ll need to do so slowly to avoid harming the suspension – and driving at a safe speed in general is essential if you’re to avoid accidents.