Beauty Brand Jecca Blac Is Out to Prove Makeup Has No Gender

U.K.-based beauty label Jecca Blac is driven by a simple mantra: makeup has no gender. Founded by makeup artist Jessica Blackler, the brand’s first priority is to create a safe space for transgender women so they can “look and feel fabulous.”

Genderless beauty is, of course, nothing new — many brands have experimented with inclusivity in the makeup industry. But there are very few names catering to trans women or supporting those who are transitioning. Jessica would get several requests for beauty tips from trans women around the world and realized the industry was lacking when it came to serving the transgender community. She began offering makeup lessons in her studio to fill the void.

It all culminated in 2015 when she unveiled Jecca Blac. “I always say, make-up is just pigment and of course anyone can use it. However, our customer base felt very overlooked by mainstream beauty brands – they just didn’t resonate. We offer make-up lessons, products and support that simply hasn’t been done before, such as beard shadow coverage and tips on how to ‘feminise the face’,” Jessica told Dazed Digital.