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December 26, 2018 December 26, 2018

Purple marzipan

Shimmer Crystal Crème Crystal Lipstick from Mauve Masspare ($ 24.00 for 0.06 oz) is a deeper, muted plum with subtle warm undertones and a metallic luster. The brilliance in this shade seemed finer overall, which gave the finish a smoother appearance and a slightly brighter finish compared to the other shades in the range (but remained more “matte metallic” than bright or gloss). It had a semi-opaque pigmentation that could be covered with a second layer more or less opaque. The pencil was light, emollient, without being slippery and pleasant to work with the lips. He stayed fine for five hours and slightly hydrated with time.

Tom Ford Beauty Seadragon (06) (LE, $ 53.00) is darker, cooler (90% similar) .Tom Ford Beauty Velvet Orchid (LE, $ 54.00) is less shimmery, lighter, colder ( 90% similar). Urban Decay Amulet (P, $ 18.00) is more shimmery, lighter (90% similar) .Urban Decay Fast Talk (PiP, $ 18.00) is less shimmery, lighter, colder (90% similar) .Urban Decay Outspoken (LE, $ 18.00) is darker (90% similar)) .Estee Lauder Raging Beauty (P, $ 32.00) is less shimmery, lighter, warmer (85 similar%). Buffy milk makeup (P, $ 24.00) is warmer (85% similar). Tom Ford Elliot Beauty (P, $ 36.00) is less shiny, lighter, cooler (similar to 85%) .Urban Decay Bruja (P, $ 18.00) is less shiny, darker (85% similar) .MAC Gemz and Roses (P, $ 21.00) is brighter, lighter, warmer (85% similar) .

Presentation of the formula

$ 24.00 / 0.06 oz. – $ 400.00 The ounce

The new formula is supposed to offer a shimmering and bold color both “long-wearing” and “smooth gliding”. The majority of shades exhibit semi-opaque to opaque pigmentation all at once. The texture is usually smooth and velvety, without feeling of moisture or cream color, but they do not slip because I used them for a full color. They have a semi-matte to matte finish in terms of gloss, but obviously, they have a little shimmer that goes from fine shimmer to shimmer with a weak to moderate shine. They managed to keep everything smooth because I did not notice the shimmer when I pressed my lips. The formula was nice to wear and lasted between four and six hours with me. They had a slight lemony scent with a very subtle, almost sweet taste (but I barely detected the taste).

They are inspired by the brand’s Matray Creme Lip Pencils, which are larger creamy and highly pigmented pencils, which have a more satin to semi-matte finish. In comparison, Shimmer lip pencils have a similar glide and comfort on my lips, but they have less creamy color and no satin sheen. They do not feel as hydrated as the Matray Creme Lip Pencils and, up to now, the Shimmer finish tends to wear slightly shorter.


Grinding cocoa

Bite Beauty’s Crystal Cream Shimmer Creme Lip Liner ($ 24.00 for 0.06 oz) is a smoky medium brown with warm, warm undertones and many golden highlights and highlights finer. Applied, it looked deeper, more chocolate brown than golden brown. I suspect that part of this is due to the fact that the shimmer has spread and that the base color is more noticeable, with a more semi-opaque pigmentation that allows my natural color to dazzle. influence the final effect. The texture was light, velvety without being slippery and easy to handle on my lips for a fairly uniform coverage. However, I found that the natural texture of my lip accentuated somewhat the amount of shimmer in the formula. On me, he wore well for four and a half hours and was slightly moisturizing when it was worn.

Fenty Beauty Guava Mint (LE,) is less shimmery, lighter, cooler (similar to 90%) .The Pop Maneater color (LE, $ 6.00) is less shimmery, darker (90% similar) .MAC Caramel Sugar (LE, $ 17.50) is less shimmering, darker, warmer (similar to 90%) .MAC Viva Glam Rihanna 2 (LE, $ 18.50) is less shimmery, lighter (90% similar) .MAC Metrochrome (LE, $ 21.00) is more shimmering (90% similar) .Decabilization in Urban Roach (P, $ 18.00) is brighter, darker (85% similar). Tom Beauty Beauty Bamboo (LE, $ 50.00) is less brilliant, colder (85% similar). Tom Ford Beauty Aaron (P, $ 36.00) is less bright, darker, warmer (similar to 85%) .The color of pop salt (P, $ 6.00) is more shimmering, lighter, colder (85% similar) .MAC Jupiter (LE, $ 18.50) is less shimmery, cooler (85% similar) .


Candied guava

The Shimmer Crystal Crème Guava Confit Dye Beauty Lip Pencil ($ 24.00 for 0.06 oz) is a moderately dark coral with warm reflections and micro-glitter gold highlights. The finish was more frosty, which accentuated a little more the outline of my lips, even if, at a normal distance, it was not perceptible. The color coverage was good, even if it was not total, and the color was evenly lengthened without dragging the lips. The texture was light, thin but not sticky and comfortable to wear during the five hours it lasted. The formula does not feel dry or hydrate over time.

Estee Lauder Tiger Eye (P, $ 32.00) is darker (90% similar) .Guerlain # 93 (LE, $ 32.00) is darker, warmer (90% similar). NARS Hardcore (LE, $ 26.00) is more shimmery, lighter, warmer (90% similar) .Fenty Beauty Supermoon (LE, $ 19.00) is less brilliant, less pigmented, brighter (85% similar) .NARS Zira (LE,) is brighter, lighter, warmer (85% similar) .MAC CB96 (P, $ 18.50) is brighter, darker (85% similar) .Kat Von D Gothica (DC , $ 21.00) is brighter, cooler (85% similar). Smashbox Desert Rose (LE, $ 24.00) is more shimmery, darker (85% similar) .NARS Peloponnese (P, $ 28.00) is lighter, colder (85% similar) .Sephora Sun Stone (106 ) (P, $ 14.00) is more shimmery, cooler (85% similar).


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Christine has normal to dry skin with dry areas (cheeks, nose and under the eyes). She has a light-medium complexion with subtle and warmer yellow hues. Her best founding matches include: Tropical Rainforest in Medium to Neutral Light (Best Match), Estee Lauder Double Wear Long Wear in Beige 2N1, Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow in 4.0, Hourglass Ivory Hourglass Finish, Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous at dusk, MAC NC20 / NC25, Liquid Make Up for Ever Ultra HD at Y305 (140).

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