Beauty and Function Blend Seamlessly at The Studio Vural Dune House

Brooklyn-based boutique architectural firm, Studio Vural presented its most mesmerizing residential estate yet. Creating houses, buildings, brownstones and apartments with intelligent, artful solutions, Studio Vural is revered for its ability to rebrand spaces with memorable aesthetics and full commercial functionality. Blending beauty and function seamlessly, the Dune House in Cape Cod, Massachusetts is the studio’s prime example.

Close to home, the house lies along the very beach principal designer, Selim Vural often revisits while on vacation. Born out of a nighttime fishing expedition turned eureka moment, the unexpected vibrant flashing of a squid, sparked immense inspiration.

“If squids can power themselves, so should houses” – Selim Vural, Studio Vural.

Unplugged with an autonomous power network, the Dune House is charged through a vast solar field and miniature wind turbines, designed to produce more clean energy than what is consumed.

Burrowed under dunes, and anchored into the geothermal temperatures of sand, the Dune House represents the next generation of energy efficient, hyper-sustainable residential spaces – camouflaging seamlessly into its natural environment, the house incorporates tech driven agriculture, soil engineering, carbon absorptive building materials, and smart remote devices. As living beings, architecture and landscape converge to form an inseparable whole, Studio Vural is optimistic in their pursuit to reverse the effects of climate change.