Beautiful Christmas Nail Designs To Make A Statement This Holiday Season

Tick, tock, That’s the sound of the clock ticking away, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Christmas. True, Christmas is only a few days away, and you should have had your slay gear ready by now. However, we understand that this isn’t always the case and even important details like your nails can be overlooked. As a result, we’ve put together a collection of festive Christmas nail designs that will have everyone complimenting your nails wherever you go.

While “Christmas nails” may conjure up images of sculpted Santas, over-the-top glitter, and everything red and green, there are plenty of subtle Christmas nail ideas to get you in the holiday spirit while still looking amazing. These Christmas nail designs incorporate some new twists on nail trends that we’ve been loving this year. Some of which we anticipate spilling over into 2022. Consider ombre designs, subtle glitter, negative space, and french manicures. All of these are not only appropriate for Christmas, but also for New Year’s celebrations. It’s the equivalent of killing two birds with one stone.

Whether you prefer a simple manicure or want to add some sparkle to your nails, you will find something to suit your needs. So get ready to take a look at some seriously stylish Christmas nail designs, many of which you can recreate at home.

Check Out These Beautiful Christmas Nail Designs To Make A Statement This Holiday Season

This season, whether it’s on your outfit, makeup, or nails, there’s always room for glitter. While red glitter dust is the most well-known option, a gleaming delight of silver is always welcome. Silver also goes with most skin tones, so there’s no reason not to experiment with it.



Gold Arch Manicure

If silver isn’t your cup of tea, you might want to consider gold. Alternatively, instead of going all-out gold, you can opt for gold detailing on the tips of your nails. It gives the appearance of longer nails, which, of course, is something everyone needs this season.


Photo: @michellelenailsdanforth/Instagram

Green Tortoise Shell Nails

While many ladies would stick to the green path to stay true to the holiday theme, you can do so in style as well. Green tortoise shell nails are a hit, but plain green nails can be boring. You can use long or short nails to create this Christmas nail design, and the result will be the same.


Photo: @nailedit_beauty/Instagram

Ombré French Manicure

The ombré effect is irresistibly beautiful, especially when it comes to nails. Although you can have different shades of the same color on your nails, this would not suit a girl who prefers simplicity. If you’re this girl, you can try the ombré effect with a French manicure. Nothing, I’m sure, would make your soul happier than these nails.


Photo: @sweetandsavvynails/Instagram


Who doesn’t like a bit of chill? No one ever! You can try a frostbite Christmas nail design, especially if you like intricate details. While you can use colors like red, blue, and even purple to experiment with this option, a subtle yet striking variation like the one below is totally awesome.

Photo: @graces_naillounge/Instagram

As previously stated, the majority of the nail designs in this article are ones that you can do yourself, and this is certainly one of them. Candy cane is so simple to make that you only need a few coats of your favorite Christmas color and you’re done. Yes, it’s that straightforward.


Photo: @oliveandjune/Instagram

Why not join in on the negative space nail trend, which is still going strong? Glitter is a season-appropriate way to wear the trend because it’s the season of merriment (and sparkle). The key to nailing (pun intended) this look is to use negative space to create one or a series of patterns. You can “pattern-out” hearts, squiggly lines, Santa’s hat, and even your initials, for example. Allow your imagination to run wild.


Photo: @paintboxnails/Instagram

Featured image: gandziuchaa | Instagram