Beardyman and Joe Rogan Release Weirdest Music Video of 2019 for “6am (Ready to Write)”

Joe Rogan made his EDM debut last month with Beardyman on “6am (Ready to Write),” which sampled Rogan’s reading of the infamous daily routine of Hunter S. Thompson. As absurd as the routine is, the music video for the track is even more so. The video pulls no punches from the start, following the day of a man who’s on a crazy bender, doing line after line of whatever he can get his hands on, chainsmoking cigarettes, and just trying to retain his sanity (or perhaps escape it). At the point he runs out of anything to put up his nose, it develops a mind of its own and extends from his face on an adventure to find more drugs.

From here, it just gets weird. Really weird. And then it gets even weirder. Just when you think it’s done, it keeps on going and going in what will probably be my favorite music video of the entire year.

Watch it below.

The visual is directed by the acclaimed Ian Pons Jewell who has previously worked with the likes of Kanye West, Nao, Vince Staples, Rejjie Snow, and many more.