Be a Superstar DJ in the new rhythm battle game Fuser with Diplo to DJ Battle Twitch Streamers In Support

Everyone can be a superstar DJ in the new rhythm battle game Fuser — and Diplo himself is getting in on the action! He’s taking over the Fuser Twitch channel this weekend prior to the game’s release. Although the game drops on November 10th, he’ll have an early preview and battle it out through fierce competition with the pros via live stream.

Fuser is described as a “non-stop virtual music festival” that combines “elements of the world’s most popular songs to create amazing mixes.” Players match vocals, beats, and melodies with their own personal flair to create custom mixes, perform at a variety of stages, and make their way to the top. From Harmonix Music Systems, the creators of Rock Band, DropMix and Dance Central.

Will Diplo’s real-life mixing skills hold up in-game? We’ll have to see. Tune in November 7 at 7 pm GMT / 8 pm CET here to see Diplo on his Fuse game.

Learn more about Fuse here.

Fuser Gameplay Reveal Trailer

H/T: NME | Photo credit: Fuser