BATE NATE H’s New Music Video ‘MARRY ME’ is Way Better than Any Other Recent Trap Song

The London based rapper BATE NATE H comes with a unique combination of love and darker emotions all in one in the latest music video of the month ‘MARRY ME’ which is out on youtube. It is a production of YSL records (young thugs label). This is no ordinary romantic video with a picture-perfect story played on the screen as it is coming from the ‘slimiest coolest guy in London’. I have heard previous records of the artist and have found a distinct newness in the video as it sends a powerful message in a romantic gesture. This is a new approach from the rapper with the real name PRINCE NATE that is energetic yet has a passion that hints us about his mind is taken by emotions and feelings for someone special.

BATE NATE H’s other records have carried a significant mark from the past that shows his scarred experiences of having an abusive childhood and involvement with illegal activities. He has been to jail and transformed his life after a beautiful angle as his daughter came into his life.  ‘MARRY ME’ has become my absolute favorite for its novel touch and snappy word flow. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to know more.