Bassrush Records Dives Headfirst Into A Classic 140 Realm With “Ghost Town LA”

Some sounds can age years and years yet still grasp so much musicality and rhythm. As time goes on, some lose their “funk,” or even lack that certain raw yet gritty element that gave it character upon its original inception. I (and many others,) can wholeheartedly conclude that this is anything but the case for “Ghost Town LA”, a brand new groundbreaking five track EP on Bassrush Records featuring some of dubstep’s earliest pioneers alongside its most promising producers. Strap in.

With exclusive productions from Caspa, Coki, Ternion Sound, EAZYBAKED, and Bukez Finezt, this EP encapsulates everything our scene knows and loves about the early, organically- raw sounds of dubstep music. Each production harnesses its own characteristics of exceptional artistry and flawless engineering, formulating a release to be played by the masses for years to come. Expect this monstrous release to be rinsed and repeated all summer long, in DJ sets and car stereos alike. Boom! You can purchase the entire EP, today here: