Bassnectar Releases ‘All Colors’ Album & Pushes for Social Change

Bassnectar‘s new album is out, which signifies the merger of music and social change. It’s something Bassnectar has worked towards since the project’s inception and continuously pursues, but in light of recent events and in the fight toward racial justice, he’s making the shift in focus extremely clear.

The producer pushed back his original release date to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. At the time, he released a statement on his website:

With no live events in the foreseeable future, we are going to focus less on music, and more on promoting compassion, mindfulness, antiracism, and social change within our community. With all the gears grinding toward the release of this album, and all streaming services scheduled to release this week – our hearts are instead focused on how we can be interactive with other human beings and give back to the world around us.

He continued:

“Bassnectar” was started over 20 years ago to merge music and social change. The idea came out of university classes on social justice, the word came from the idea that music can be magnetic and draw people in like bees to honey. And while there is a lot of magic and beauty to explore through music, we see all of that as a privilege. And we believe that privilege confers responsibility to care about others and to advocate for social justice.

That being said, Bassnectar’s All Colors album is massively immersive, balancing heavy, bass-forward productions with positive messages and growth. There’s opportunity to “Interpret the Future” and “Open Your Mind” with YOOKiE — and “Nice & Easy” with Rodney P is the medicine. The titles radiate hope with “Empathy (Bass Remedy Remix),” “Random Acts of Kindness,” and “Optimism.” Listen below.

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Bassnectar – All Colors