Basic Ways Of Making Your Wardrobe Unique Without Spending A Lot Of Money

You have been cooped up for over a year, and you are finally about to make your reentrance to society. You have been wearing nothing but sweat pants and sweatshirts all this time, and you are wondering what duds you should don to make an impression on those who have not seen you for a while. You may also be meeting up with friends who have never met you in person. There are basic ways of making your wardrobe unique without spending a lot of money.

Hit The Resale Stores

You would be amazed at the number of unusual articles of clothing you can find in a thrift shop. It is not all just a bunch of square-cut jeans and t-shirts with the names of companies that you have never heard of. You can find bowling shirts from the 1950s or flower print frocks with shoulder pads from the 1940s. You can find inexpensive accessories such as purses and briefcases that would be quite expensive if you were to buy them brand new. Another way to get fashionable clothing cheap is to attend a sample sale.

Retail stores host these sales in order to get rid of merchandise that they simply have too much of. You can get some trendy threads at a fraction of the price you would normally pay at these sales. Often a store will not advertise sample sales. It is a good idea to check the website of various stores in order to find out when they are having a sample sale. You may find overstock items at a sample sale, or you may find items that were never on shelves. Some of these items are simply from previous seasons.

Accessorize To Match Your Personality

There is no way to make an ordinary outfit look better than to accessorize. You can give a plain T-shirt or turtleneck sweater an elegant look with a string of pearls or a simple chain necklace. A vintage wristwatch always makes for a good conversation piece and a unique item to have in your wardrobe. If you have a favorite cartoon character, you can express your fun side by wearing a cartoon watch. If you have lost weight over the last year, a belt can help make your pants fit again. If you have gained weight, a carefully placed pin or chunky necklace can draw the eye away from any problem areas. There are also some comfortable and affordable waist cinchers online.

Jewelry can be made out of recycled items. You can get a simple string necklace and attach an interesting item to it, such as a vintage coin or a design you have made out of recycled metal. You can make earrings out of coke bottle tops. A candy necklace also makes for an interesting contrast when you are dressed in formal wear, as does a rapper medallion or a piece of jewelry from a gumball machine.

Create Your Own Clothing

Technology has made it easier than ever to make a few outfits of your own. There are on-demand websites that will let you make such things as masks, blouses, and sneakers. You can create your own t-shirt design in just a few minutes. There are on-demand printing websites that will provide you with everything you need to fashion your own threads. When you go on one of these sites, you will find a creation tool.

The tool will let you upload a design or select a clip art image or emoji. If you have the perfect sarcastic remark to put on a shirt or if you have a phrase or word that you feel sums up your philosophy of life, you can simply type it into the tool and have it printed on an article of clothing. The company will print the shirt and send it right out to you. Many of these sites will also allow you to add embroidery to clothing. You can make your own design and upload it to their site. An automated sewing machine will create a flawless version of your design. You can also monogram your initials onto a wool cap or sweater.

Wear Unique Hats

Okay, fedoras got played out in a hurry when every hipster wore them every single day. However, that is no reason to write off headgear entirely. If you are having a bad hair day, you can always tuck the mess under a wool cap. You can wear a 1920s style Cloche hat to add a retro look to a dress or suit. A fiddlers cap will look stylish and protect your eyes from the sun. A straw hat will protect your skin and keep you young looking for a long time. They also make a great compliment to a bathing suit. You can always make a trucker hat that expresses whatever it is you most want people to understand about you. You can design your own trucker hat on the same sites where you can design your own t-shirt.

Don’t Forget The Shoes

Retro sneakers are going to be in style in the coming year. You will see Nikes that look like they came out of the 1980s. You will also find that clogs are coming back into style. This time you will find that they come in patent leather and many eye-catching prints. If you have an old pair of clogs and some artistic talent, you can add a design to them. You can take a pair of your old clunky black pumps and bejeweled them or put a little glitter on them for special occasions. Dressing is a way of letting people know who you are. It can also let you express your current mood or just show people what great taste you have. A few unique additions to your wardrobe will let you go anywhere in style.

Photo: Godisable Jacob | Pexels